First Year (In)Experience

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As a pursuing Chartered Accountant, a major step forward in my professional career was ushered in with a letter, validating my tenure as an articled assistant in a prestigious firm of Mumbai.

The only presumption in my mind, before I commenced my articleship was the number of new places I’d get to visit, playing fastest fingers first on excel and ofcourse LOTS of coffee!

It was only with each passing day that I realised, that all those presumptions were just an add-on to the entire journey of my articleship.

This new phase has ushered in a whole lot of change-both within, as well as around me. Hanging around with friends was an undeniable holy ritual – I had to let go of it. “Before it got dark” was my curfew time; there have been days where I’ve reached home past midnight. There was a time when I could not wait to wear those crisp formal shirts lying in some corner of my wardrobe. Now I have to rummage through those shelves to find a good pair of casuals. Not being too “Socially active” was a constant complaint from my mother; but now, meeting new people, prolonged client discussions and peer reviews have become a day-to-day thing.

With a year that’s gone by, I have come across different phases – both positive AND negative about myself. At times I wish I could just rewind to those relaxed and stress-free days, but then again…. “PICTURE TOH ABHI BAAKI HAI MERE DOST….”


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