Yet Another Women’s Day

It’s 8th March again?!?!

As yet another women’s day dawns upon us, I find myself having mixed feelings about the need for such a day , and more importantly- a way to spend it.

Should I spend it working for the “Mahila-Sammelan” that’s been doing the rounds of my house for nearly a month now, or should I indulge into the much awaited Spa-Day since I am a woman too (Contrary to what my Mom believes from the way I dress, sit or speak!)

Jokes apart, a part of me wonders why we need a separate day to celebrate women? Hand a couple of awards, then make some speeches glorifying the heroic acts of women like Neerja Bhanot, harp on the need for the (EXTREMELY clichéd) women empowerment and then go back to the usual monotony THE VERY NEXT DAY!! I feel a certain ennui when i hear the word “FEMINISM” being used as a marketing tool to sell every possible thing, from face creams, to Fifty Shades Of Grey-inspired gear at the Mumbai market with a tag that goes “Break your shackles, be a feminist and handcuff him instead!” Duh!!!

wwwwwHey!! It’s Women’s Day! Lets put on that pink dress, go for a nice lunch at that chic place, attend one of those seminars where they give you a make over, tips on weight-loss and free spa vouchers (Conditions Apply*) Feel good about yourself for ONE DAY and then get back to the grind the next day.

If the world is so inclined towards making the world a better place for women, the underlying issues need to be resolved first. The sad part is, majority of women are treated like second class citizens of the world. Even the successful OFFICE JAANEWALI (as my aunt would put it) corporate women face their own set of difficulties.

I know, that today this may not be of personal relevance to many of us.I, myself have had the benefit of a supportive family, the freedom to make my own choices and to do the work that I wish to; but many women DON’T.

So the question that we really need to ask ourselves is, “Do we want to be passive, ignorant, indifferent and continue to live in a violent, unjust and male chauvinist world?”

If your answer is YES NO, then Women’s Day can be a starting point for working towards a more peaceful, safe and equitable way of life!!”



2 thoughts on “Yet Another Women’s Day

  1. You, Miss Vidhi Mehta, are truly my One in a Minion! 😘 Aapki Soch se hum khoob prabhavit hue hai 🤓😎
    Write Often ;D


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